Christmas Countdown 2012

Christmas time is here, and if you are still getting started, it’s time to download the Christmas Countdown app for 2012. This app is also called the Elf Advent(ure) Calendar and it takes you to Elvenheim where the Christmas fairies live, and busy elves are preparing gifts, cookies, and other goodies for the holidays.

Christmas Countdown Free 2012

The Elfin Christmas Countdown storyline is that while the elves are busy preparing for Christmas, the Frost giant who is responsible for bringing snow on Christmas, has overslept. The Elves set out to wake up the sleepy giant but the way is frought with unexpected events and difficulties. Countdown to Christmas to see if the elves make it on time to bring snow on Christmas eve.

In Elvenheim, you are taken to the home of the elves, which features 24 doors that you open each day to discover what the elves are up to. Each door holds a tiny task that you need to perform. For instance, you need to help the elf fix a broken train that won’t move, or help Elfikofski bake her famous cookies. The tasks range from simple puzzles, to games and brain teasers.

Elvenheim - christmas calendar app

Each task is displayed in an ancient scroll that adds to the charm of the app. The background score features the delightful tune Up on the Housetop and adds to the joviality of the season. The graphics are beautifully designed and rendered and you simply cannot wait to open up all the doors! Unfortunately, although the app features all 24 days of advent, you can only open one door a day!

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If you want the free version, you’ll have to put up with the in-your-face ads at almost every turn. If you are happy to ignore it, this is a very cute fun Advent calendar you will love!

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Check out the promo and download the free Christmas Countdown 2012 app.

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