Defender 3 Android Game Review

Defender 3 is a pretty simple shooting game set in space. You are an alien defending your planet from incoming alien space invaders and must survive waves of attacks to progress to higher levels. It’s a fairly straightforward game with nothing much to do expect defend defend and defend. If you love space shooters and short bursts of action, Defender 3 is a game that might interest you for awhile.

Developer: Webelinx LLC Price:  Free

Defender 3 : A Shoot Fest in Space

defender 3

Defender 3 opens up in a pretty exciting page showing two game modes, Campaign and Survival. You are also briefed about the game in a virtual tutorial, but when you get into actual game mode, you realize that you’ve got a pretty lousy weapon to defend yourself with, and you need to win or lose a few battles before you get enough coins to upgrade to more powerful weapons that will make the battles more interesting.

The game play, as I mentioned before is pretty straightforward. You are an alien soldier assigned with the task of protecting your planet from incoming invaders. Your planet is right in the center of the galaxy so attacks happen from all sides in waves. You need to simply tap the screen towards incoming crafts to shoot at them and initially it’s a little awkward to get used to the controls. If fact, you get the feeling that the game plays better in the virtual training mode than it does in actual play.

There aren’t too many cool weapons you can upgrade to, just a few, and aspiring to get them is what you will be focused on in the earlier rounds of the game. Energy Blast will give you an additional blast of energy while Swift Shooter will increase the fire rate, but you have only limited use of these, so you might want to save the best for last. As you progress through the game, you pick up coins and energy, which will come in handy for upgrades. The game does not have IAPs but you can download and play other free games to pick up coins for free. Not a very bright idea, in my opinion as you download a game to play it and not something else.


The 2D animation and graphics are decent and the sound and music and just enough to get by. Defender 3 doesn’t really offer much more, and it’s a game that the kids may enjoy but isn’t really one that adults will spend too much time on.


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  1. Plagy says

    2.8 score? :(

    Google Play users rated this game 4.7, and for me is clear 5.0!

    Who love original Defender, will love this Space Defender too.

    • says

      Hi Plagy,
      Thank you for your comments. I did give the game a reasonably low score for a few reasons. The replay value of the game is low and not too much variety in gameplay either. I’m glad you love the game, but it doesn’t match up quite so well to other games of this genre.