Phoenix MP3: a Free Music Downloader for Android

You use your Android smartphone for a lot of things besides making calls. One such popular activity is is listening to music. Most often, you find yourself looking for new music to listen to. A good way to find such music is to make use of a music downloader app, one that lets you search for your favorite artists or songs, and then download them. If you had options to share your favorite tunes with your friends, even better. That’s what Phoenix MP3, a free music downloader for Android offers you. Read our review of this free MP3 downloader and try it to enjoy fresh new music on your Android device.

MP3 Downloader for Android

Phoenix MP3 app for Android offers easy downloads of MP3 files. Just tap Search, type your favorite song name or artist and select your song for download. The AutoComplete option lets you choose the right song or artist, making your search much easier. You can search for more music along the lines of what you previously searched.  Additionally the app provides a list of top songs which are popular among Phoenix MP3 users from over 12 countries including Brazil, Portugal and Germany. This means you can listen to and download the most popular tunes without spending too much time searching for the top tracks hitting the charts.

free MP3 downloader for AndroidThis MP3 downloader also lets you edit the track’s meta data such as the Song title, Genre, Artist, or Album of the music track using the drop-down menu at the top of the music player, create playlists to organize your downloads, favorite tunes you love.

Yet another feature of Phoenix MP3 is group sharing. Just log in to Facebook to share your favorite tunes and chat with Facebook friends. You can also use the Social Login option to share your MP3s, find out what music your friends are listening to, and receive songs from your friends.

You can also import songs from your SD card to the Phoenix music player, set a ringtone or an alarm, or add a widget to the home screen to manage your playlist.

Phoenix MP3 still has a long way to go before it can become a really cool music downloader. The app still lacks the preview feature which is expected to become available in the next few updates. The app also does not offer lyrics to songs, which would be a good addition. We all love to sing along while listening, don’t we! Additional issues involve frequent force close of the app. On the bright side, I found a wider collection of songs, and faster downloads. Plus there’s popular music from various countries at a glance.

This MP3 downloader is free, so grab it before it disappears off the Google Play Store.

UPDATE: This app appears to have been removed from the Play Store.