Live2Support Live Chat Software

Last week, I had the chance to review the Live2Support Live Chat software on, and decided to take a look at what its Android application has to offer users. Live Chat Support Software programs today are starting to offer more and more facilities to retain customers or charm new visitors who visit a company’s website. One of the primary improvements involves using mobile devices such as a tablet or a smartphone to engage with customers. Live2Support’s Android app simply called Live2support Live Chat offers options to access all site visitor information, chat with website visitors, view background notifications and more.

Live2Support Live Chat Software

To install the app, you just need to head over to the Play Store and download it for free. Then you will be asked to sign in using your ID and password. If you haven’t setup an account with Live2Support, you can click the Sign up button and follow the steps to create your account.

live2support sign in

After you login, you will be taken to the Visitor List page which shows you comprehensive details about the people who visited your website; information such as IP address, number of previous visits, visiting URL, chat status of the visitor, and the time duration of the chat. You can also invite a visitor to a chat session by clicking the Invite button.

live2support visitors page

In a chat session, you have the option of using canned responses to avoid delays in interacting with customers. You can also send predefined product page URLs so that visitors are instantly taken to pages they are looking for. Plus, you also have the added advantage of transferring chats to other operators or changing the operator status to offline via the options in the Menu drop-down.

Live2Support Live Chat Software visitor info

Live2Support Chat also offers instant background notifications on your mobile device, so that you are instantly alerted to a new visitor or chat request, even if you in idle mode.

live2support chat - Live2Support Live Chat Software

If you have subscribed to one of Live2Support’s packages, you should definitely make use of their Android app to support your customers and interact with your website visitors.

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