Subway Surfers is Fun on the Run

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If you enjoyed playing Temple Run, and the thought of endless running and jumping excites you, then Subway Surfers is a game you’ll love. This high energy game might sound like many of the ones you’ve heard and played before, but strangely enough, once you start playing, you can’t seem to get enough of it. Subway Surfers keeps you engaged in short spells with some cool gadgets such as jetpacks and hover boards, and plenty of coin collecting opportunities.

Subway Surfers : A Review

The game starts off with Jake and his pals Tricky & Fresh messing about in the rail tracks, until the Inspector and his pitbull dog catch them out. This starts off a roller coaster run with the subway surfers dodging incoming trains and other hurdles with the help of power ups such as jetpacks and hover boards. There’s also plenty of coins to collect on the way. You can use the coins to power up or use the in-app purchase option to buy and upgrade. The cool thing about Subway Surfers is that the game offers you more than enough coins to power up that you don’t really need to spend those dollars.

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Subway Surfers has got great controls; swipe left or right to switch between lanes, swipe up to jump and swipe down to roll. There are a good number of innovative power ups such as boots that make you run faster, and magnets that draw coins to you, all of which make the game more exciting and fun to play.

Subway surfers is not just about running and chasing coins. You also get to face daily challenges and missions that add to the endless charm of the game. The graphics are really cool and the characters lovable and the backgrounds bright, colorful, and cheerful. The game is free in the Play Store, so download it for some addictive fun and let us know what you think of the game.

Watch this video promo – before you head off for some of Subway Surfing action.


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2 thoughts on “Subway Surfers is Fun on the Run”

  1. conelia madison says:

    I wanna no why I can’t keep the Halloween Characters on subway surfer for good

  2. conelia madison says:

    Will I be able to keep all of the Halloween Characters even after Halloween.

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