Where’s My Mickey Game Review

Disney has been highly successful with its fun “Where’s my” series featuring popular characters from its TV shows. If you’re a fan of Where’s my Water? and Where’s My Perry, you’ll be super delighted to hear that lovable Disney character Mickey gets his own game with…. you guessed it Where’s my Mickey? Strangely though, Mickey isn’t missing, rather it’s the water that is, and being the hero that Mickey is, he’s seeking your help in filling up his bucket to distribute to the residents of cartoon-land.

Where’s my Mickey Review

wheres my mickey

Just like in the older series, your aim in this game is to help fill Mickey’s bucket, by directing water from the clouds, through sand tunnels, and sending it right into the pipes that connect to Mickey’s taps. There are, as usual three happy stars waiting to get caught along with secret objects hidden in the sand. In this game, you’ll use every trick in the book to fill Mickey’s bucket while capturing the three stars. You can direct winds to push up the clouds to catch the flowing water, transfer water between clouds, open gates to stream water through passages and even grow vines to build bridges to redirect water. Dangers to the game come in the form of red hot lava which destroys buttons, stops the water flow, eats up the clouds and stars and basically puts an end to the game. Where’s my Mickey is not too hard on players, and you can repeat games until you are satisfied you’ve got it perfectly right.

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Certain levels also contain hidden items, so be sure to dig through the dirt to capture all of them. Capturing hidden items will unlock special bonus levels which offer a slightly different method of play. In fact, you can control the elements of wind and clouds by tapping your fingers. These levels are definitely worth playing as they offer more variety and interactivity in gameplay.

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The graphics, music, and animation in Where’s my Mickey are top notch and Disney has done a good job of doing what it does best. Keeping it simple, yet challenging and fun. Mickey, as always, manages to charm you even for the short time he appears on screen. Where’s My Mickey is definitely a fun puzzle game for the kids and an enjoyable casual time waster for others.

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Whether life throws you lemons, fans the flames, or you feel the growing pains, there’s plenty of fun with Mickey, Goofy, and friends. Wheres my Mickey is available in the Play Store for less than a dollar, so if you are in the mood for some Disney-inspired magic, and love to keep playing more of the Where’s My … type of games, this one should keep you pretty happy.

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