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A3 Fire Control

This is app is a simple artillery computer which replaces the point and click version in Armed Assault 3.

The ArmA 3 artillery computer makes life a little too easy, but this app allows players to call in 8 digit grid coordinates and elevations and have fire missions manually aimed. This increases communication and difficulty.

Most of the maths is based on work done by a few ArmA 3 community members, including a few from In particular, the app was based on a spreadsheet that was "Built in Excel Garthra for BASED ON THE WORK OF Glen / SMP Crafters. And Blake's Fire Control Calculator".

William Hart part of our windows phone Entertainment and have installs 500. Update Dec. 12, 2014.Rating is 92.0. Windows Verison is 0.0.1. Actual size 2.9 MB.

Download a3-fire-control.apk 2.9 MB


Great App, But Needs Mils Fantastic app, smooth performance, easy to track fire missions/locations, and the time-to-impact is a FANTASTIC feature. Only complaint (and this is kinda big for our group) is not being able to show the azimuth/elevation in mils rather than degrees. It should be relatively easy to program (hell, i could do it, and im a hardware guy, not a software guy), but it's a pretty big time saver. If that's implemented, then this app would easily be 5/5.

  • June 9, 2016

Not all heroes wear capes

  • Aug. 19, 2016

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