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Age of Angels : International

The Indonesian’s most popular Action RPG, Age of Angels : International Edition, is here !
Travel across post apocalypse earth to uncover the mystery behind the world of Age of Angels.
Simple gameplay, artistic anime graphic, and heavy RPG style story.


► Real Time Battle System
Slash the enemy only by touching and slash enemy with your finger. The longer you touch, the greater the damage.
But if th enemy touch you, you'll get damaged. Unique battle system for an Action RPG.

► Artistic Painting Artwork Graphics
Age of Angels use pre-rendered artwork of the fantasy world. The art is made by several artist and painter. They are beautifully painted in anime style RPG with cell shading characters. Cell shading is used by famous game such as Naruto, Tales of games, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, etc.

► Voice Character Dialog
Age of Angels characters speak with voice acting. Such as the heroine, knight, princess, and other party members.

► Multiple Endings
You can get different characters and ending by progressing with different storyline. The story telling is you must ask other characters in game or you can't get what happened in the story of this Action RPG game.

► Ads Free
Age of Angels is FREE. But also ADS FREE. We are trying to make a best game for you. Not to make profit or anything. We have plenty of that.


► Simple but Additive
You can attack an enemy by walking right to them and draw a slash pattern in your phone with your finger.
Beware as enemy can attack you if you touch them.

► Each Characters have Different and Unique Skill
You can change party formation and use the leader's skill. But you must first unlock the skills.

► Different Character, different story
The Age of Angels RPG main character is a female protagonist heroine named Lindsay Rose. You can change it to other character along with story progress.

► Romance
You can have romance with a recruitable characters that will affect the ending.

► Always Updated
This game is not yet perfect, but in each ageofangel updates we are trying to make it better.


This is Age of Angels 2D Director Cut version. Anything inappropriate were removed from ageofangel.


Age of Angels : International is Nugroho Industries first RPG game. This Action RPG has multiple episodes. In this International edition, contains episode 1-4, while episode 5 and also episode 0 will be on a different games. Episode 1 Age of Angels tells the story about a young girl Lindsay Roses as she travel on her friend house, Karina Jensen. Karina is attacked by some monsters, and Lindsay saved her using her sword. The world is suffered from apocalypse that ruining the earth. But the world was saved by the Angels, some ancient civilization that have wings like an angel. And so, they began their journey to see the world. In this state of the world, the age of Angels is begin.


This game is rated 5 Stars in Indonesian Game Fest.

"Nirvana for Game Lovers!" -Akbar Mutohar, Game Dev.
"Enthralling!" -Joe Saleh, Musician.

Nugroho Industries part of our windows phone Role Playing and have installs 5000. Update Nov. 18, 2015.Rating is 77.7778. Windows Verison is 2.5.2. Actual size 89.0 MB.

Whats new

    Ver 2.5.2
    - Remove bug on Lollipop
    - Fix character model error
    Ver 2.5.1
    Now dialogue show characters animation.
    Ver 2.4
    - Adding more Greget for advanced players.
    - Remove heavy lag.
    Ver 2.3.4
    Fix compatibility for low end devices.
    Ver 2.3.1
    - Cell shading graphic glitch removed.
    - Bad dialogue text removed.
    Ver 2.3.0
    Added new cell shading graphic!
    Ver 2.2.2
    Make the games more cinematics.
    Ver 2.0.1
    Added episode 4
    Ver 1.7
    - Added new character.
    - New quest.
    - New boss
Download age-of-angels-international.apk 89.0 MB


Yeah, being free, it's great for me Thank you, I'll be playing it ,a lot of times

  • Dec. 27, 2015

I hate the voices.

  • Feb. 11, 2016

Great concept So far I love it but there are two minor problems. One there is no keypad or back button. And two first Filson I spoke to crashed the game. Using Sony z2 with 5.1.1 kernel.

  • Nov. 17, 2015

wow..nice game..cant stop myself from playing it over and over again..

  • Nov. 16, 2015

Amazing Game Full of Fun Nd entertainment .. Will recomend To others

  • Nov. 15, 2015

Very nice work by it.

  • Nov. 16, 2015

Cool Great game i love it so much thanks developper

  • Nov. 16, 2015

Lol are there only 1k ppl in Indonesia Lol 1 thousand downloads and its somehow the top rpg game in Indonesia. #fakecake

  • Aug. 20, 2016

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