Windows Phone APE Advanced Pen Entry version1.0.3 Download

APE Advanced Pen Entry

A new input method for touchscreen devices that does non ambiguous handwriting recognition for much improved text entry on your tablet or phone. Simple to learn, easy to use, and as fully functional as an external keyboard.

Are you tired of your onscreen keyboard taking up too much screen space? Are you tired of the on screen keyboard missing so many features that it is much more difficult to edit text than it is to enter it?

It is not uncommon for an onscreen keyboard to take up half or more of the screen space. Are you ready for a smaller and which makes editing text as easy as entering it? Then you are ready for APE Advance Pen Entry for Android ™.

version 1.0.3 is the first version of APE (TM) Advanced Pen Entry that is available as a paid version. Other than it will not expire and stop working after 7 days, the two versions Full or Trial, they are identical.

It fully supports entering the entire alphabets for English, Spanish, German and French - even all those accented and special characters that missing completely from many on screen keyboards.

If you learned to hand print text back in the first grade, then you already know most of what is required for using APE Advanced Pen Entry - because you've been using it for years!

APE Advanced Pen Entry uses a small 3x3 grid, that defaults to only 1 inch tall on android devices, yet can be resized larger or smaller as desired. It works with your finger of choice, or a stylus if you prefer. (by making it larger, I have been able to successfully enter text using my elbow!)

APE allows you to enter text "single handedly". No need to use both hands.

Drawing text into a properly sized APE grid is very natural, using a finger or a stylus. Much more natural and smoother than poking at the screen!

All characters are entered on the APE grid using a single tap, or single continuous stroke. No need to cross the t or dot the i.

Pretty much all the characters of a standard external keyboard are available for easy use.
Full cursor key support allows you to accurately select, cut, copy and paste text with ease, and
without moving your finger from the APE grid.

Auto repeat is supported for all keys including cursor keys, Home, End, Left, Right, Up, and Down, by simply continuing to touch the screen after the character is drawn.

Help is always just a simple stroke away…

The {Help} stroke is a simple stroke from the bottom center region to the top center region. You will find much more information there. Or please view the video.

APE Advanced Pen Entry is an ongoing work in progress. Many updates are planned, depending on user requests.

The version of APE for the Gear 2 has proven to be "very workable" even on a 1.25 inch square screen. The version I am running on my Windows tablet has proven so useful, that I have not even needed to connect the external keyboard to it since installing it (over 6 months ago). I am hoping that the Android version proves to be just as useful! It is planned that an upcoming version will be a free floating and resizable window, just like in the Windows version.

OutOfNoWare part of our windows phone Productivity and have installs 50. Update Aug. 23, 2014.Rating is 100.0. Windows Verison is 1.0.3. Actual size 336.0 KB.

Download ape-advanced-pen-entry.apk 336.0 KB

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