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Christian Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Download “Christian Jigsaw Puzzle Game” and teach your children the story of Christianity, the Holy Bible and the importance of Jesus Christ! Teach your kids to love God by occupying them with these religious and educational jigsaw puzzle games! These interactive “religious games for kids” are really easy to play! There is no better way to learn about “Jesus Christ” than by solving these Christian games for children and adults free of charge – get these “God games for kids free” and enjoy your favorite pictures of our Lord and Savior! Inspired by the best religious wallpapers, these “God games for kids” and "Bible jigsaw puzzles" are suitable for toddlers and kids, preschoolers and elementary school children, even adults who know how important it is to praise the Lord all the time! This Christian game app for Android™ allows you to save the images you like, after you complete the puzzles, and set them as "Jesus Christ wallpapers" and "Christian backgrounds". Obtain this Christian Jigsaw Puzzle Game, a game that makes you smarter, trains your memory and stimulates logical thinking!

❃ Twenty free Christian images divided into two packs – more puzzles coming soon!
❃ In each pack, you'll get five images, at first - unlock a new "Christian jigsaw puzzle" every day.
❃ You can save these images of God and Jesus and use these "religious themes" as "Christian wallpapers and backgrounds"!
❃ Puzzle dimensions – 9 to 100 puzzle pieces.
❃ Choose the level of difficulty.
❃ Up to 200 different combination of puzzles.
❃ Every jigsaw game is different: various piece shapes every time.
❃ Move pieces in groups!
❃ Saves all puzzles in progress – work on several of them at the same time.
❃ Use pause button if you want to see the whole picture or to save your progress.
❃ No in app purchases
❃ You can play these puzzles without Internet!
❃ Only the best “Bible puzzle games free” are featured in this religious game for children and adults!

These Christian puzzle games for children and adults are the best way to provoke kids and toddlers' interest about the Christianity, Christian religion, Moses, Jesus, Virgin Mary, Holy Ghost, Bible etc. By solving this Christian Jigsaw Puzzle Game, children improve their knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible and the four fathers of Christianity. Try this entertaining and “learning religious game” and become a real puzzle pro by solving the most beautiful God wallpapers!

Believe and you will be rewarded! The Kingdom of God is opening its gates to you - there is no better way to teach your children about the Christian religion and the Holy Bible than by offering them this Christian Jigsaw Puzzle Game to solve! Kids can learn about Christianity and have fun at the same time! This “free Christian game” is ideal even for very young children! Combining the puzzle pieces of these “pictures and quotes of Christianity”, “God and cross and Jesus wallpapers” and “God and angel wallpapers” will entertain you and your family for a long time! This religious game of Christianity will help toddlers to develop their observation skills, learn about religion and “God and Jesus and Mary”, while adults can sit back, relax and enjoy their favorite “Christian wallpaper for Android™”!

Are you looking for some apps about God that are fun memory games to play and train your brain? With Christian Jigsaw Puzzle Game you'll get a collection of twenty religious puzzles with photos of Jesus Christ – If you are a true believer who is looking for a religious game and Christian wallpapers, check out these amazing desktop backgrounds and experience bliss every time you take a look at your screen! These “Christian puzzles for children” are great 2015 educational puzzle games. Son of Virgin Mary, our Lord Jesus Christ brings love and peace. Jesus is watching over you! Think about love, faith and do good, and you will be saved!

Kaya part of our windows phone Puzzle and have installs 5000. Update June 1, 2015.Rating is 87.7551. Windows Verison is 2.1. Actual size 7.5 MB.

Download christian-jigsaw-puzzle-game.apk 7.5 MB


All the christan puzzles

  • June 22, 2015

Beautiful Inspiring Pics There is only one thing that I wish was different with these puzzles. I wish the pieces we're shaped like a real jigsaw puzzle. That would make this the perfect puzzle game!

  • May 22, 2015

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