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Codename Birdgame

• Play as numerous birds and bird-like creatures... all of which are giant, most of which are really stinkin’ cute.
• Feed yo babies.
• Currently, three procedurally-generated levels with mini-achievements are available for your enjoyment!
• Collect “shinies” to unlock more levels and new characters with different stats.
• Fun (evolving) storyline from the point of view of the A.U.N. (Abridged United Nations)
• Play FREE on many of your favorite mobile devices!
• Several cool song choices by young audio-ninja, Antiskill.

Check out this retro-style game featuring giant Kaiju birds just tryin’ to survive!

Indie studio Second Fiction is proud to bring you Codename Birdgame. Think “Rampage”... but what makes it even better? It’s got birds and other absurd mythical creatures. The player collects chunks of specific buildings, vehicles, military ordinance, or even famous monuments to feed your baby peeps! Along the way, score bonus points by destroying cities in a variety of creative ways. Complete small missions to achieve mini-goals. As you progress, you can use the “shinies” you picked up from the rubble to unlock levels and birds or buy yourself some more time.

Enjoy old bird-monster stand-bys like Red Bird, a dirpy squarish bird. Yellow Bird which is probably a radiated duck descendent, and purple bird who is really just adorable. It’ll be fun to watch them smash buildings and vehicles, all for the sake of survival (or revenge?) You can also enjoy very non-bird creatures such as the elusive Hipster Yeti, Panda with a Jetpack or the reclaimed and rebuilt Lunar Lander. (Sick, right?) You could even have a chance to rule birddom as Cthulu!

We set out to make a game that reminded us of the arcade or neighborhood console parties of the early 90s. We hope you’ll enjoy and let us know what you want to see!

Much more is coming soon... more features, levels, birds, tweaks, and creamy butter to this whimsical reverse-sandbox arcade game.

Second Fiction part of our windows phone Arcade and have installs 5000. Update Aug. 5, 2013.Rating is 73.0. Windows Verison is None. Actual size 0 bytes.

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